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The Fluff Brush

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Our 'Micro-Abrasive' cat brush is tough on knots but gentle on your cat 


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  • Tough on knots but gentle on your cat 

  • Brush through grime, malt and grease in seconds

  • Removes all Bacteria and Parasites 

  • ‘Micro-Abrasive’ tool means safer cleaning.

  • Risk-free money back guarantee 

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    (5 reviewers)

Our 'Micro-Abrasive' brush is tough on knots but gentle on your cat 


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  • Tough on knots, gentle on your cat
  • Brush through grime, malt and grease in seconds
  • Removes all Bacteria and Parasites
  • ‘Micro-Abrasive’ tool means safer cleaning.
  • Risk-free money back guarantee

  • Next Day Delivery 
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  • 14-Day Free Returns
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The Best Cat Brush in the UK -  
The Only Brush You'll Ever Need
  • The 'Micro Abrasive' bristles on The Fluff Brush provide the foundation to a deep clean. On the tip of the bristles, there are carefully designed pads to protect against scratches and scrapes.

  • Our cats need their loose hairs and dead skin cells removed to keep the coat free of dirt, debris, and external parasites, and to distribute natural skin oils along the hair shafts.

How It Works 

Did you know?

Within 2021 there are an incredible 10.8 million pet cats in the UK, with 26% of households owning at least one kitty.

According to published studies:

  • Cats attract dangerous bacterial diseases, from e-coli to salmonella and everything in between in which can be carried around in their fur.

  • They also carry fleas that can lead to many health problems including CSD (Cat Scratch Disease) which is caused by a bacterium called Baeronella Enselae ultimately making cats seriously sick.

Of those 10.8 million cats you can imagine the amount of disgusting germs they carry around in their fur. We are on a mission to fight the bacteria by providing tools to remove loose hair and not allowing it to spread.

  • Fast and free shipping

  • Gentle on your cat 

  • Deep cleans effortlessly 

  • Removes all Bacteria and Germs

  • High quality design 

  • Slow shipping

  • Harsh on your cat 

  • Ineffective when cleaning

  • Removes some germs 

  • Easily Breakable Designs 

Enjoy 14-Day Guarantee!

We’d be shocked if you didn’t think The Fluff Brush was the best brush you’ve ever had. But in the highly unlikely event that you’re not happy in any way — we’ll give you every penny back. No hassle. No hopps to jump through!

Whether you don’t like the results it gives…

You’re not impressed with how quick and easy it gives a good clean…

Or even if you simply don’t like the colour...

You’re protected by our 14-day guarantee. Email us at the bottom of this page and we’ll return every pound you paid.

The Hopps Team

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How Does The Fluff Brush Work?

The Fluff Brush is very easy to use. Simply grab hold of the product and brush through the cats fur. Once done, press the button on the back of the brush which will release the dead fur from the brush. Finally dispose the fur. 

What Makes The Fluff Brush Better Than Any Other Brush?

Combs on the market can be harsh and aggressive without giving the full clean for the cat. At Hopps we have created a 'micro-abrasive' brush which is tough on the knots but gentle on the cat. 

What If My Cat Doesn't Like It?

Although we are very confident they will, we do offer a 14 day free Refund Policy.


How secure is your payment?

Your privacy and security is our highest priority. We use Shopify Payments which is an extremely secure and highly encrypted system designed to protect customers and also hold merchants accountable.

What payment types do you offer?

We offer credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) as well as debit cards. We also offer GooglePay, ApplePay and PayPal.

Need longer to pay for your Hopps order? We offer Klarna payment plan too.

Do you have a payment plan option?

For when payday is just that bit too far away, we have 1 payment plan available. You can select Klarna at checkout.

How do I use a discount code?

Simply head to the checkout, and on the first page of the checkout there will be a box for you to enter your discount code in - make sure to click ‘Apply’! This is offered before the payment page so you’re totally aware of how much you can save.


How long is the processing and delivery time?

We have a same day processing time. But orders can only be processed before our warehouse closes at 14:30. The delivery time is chosen at checkout which are Next-day shipping or Free two shipping. 

How do I track my order? 

When your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification from us which will include a tracking number you can use to check its status.

If you haven’t received your order within 5 days of receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at with your name and order number, and we will look into it for you.

My Package Went Missing. What Should I Do?

Think your order might be lost in transit? When this is the case, your tracking number may update you with a ‘delayed’ delivery date.

If your item still hasn’t been delivered within 7 working days, please contact us and we can launch an investigation.

Do you ship internationally?      

We currently do not ship internationally but we are planning on doing so soon


How Does The 14 Day Free Returns Work?

On the off chance you're not happy with the product, please contact us before 14 days when receiving the product and will help you proceed.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Sure, as long as our fulfilment team haven’t already shipped your order. If they have please allow for the product to be delivered and leave it unopened so they can provide you with a return shipping label.

What If I Put The Wrong Shipping Address? 

If the order has not been shipped yet email in with “URGENT order edit” in the subject title. The team will make any amendments, if it has been shipped they will work with you and the courier to have it redirected if possible

How Do I Return/Exchange My Brush?

Email us at and we will organise a return shipping label for you

What if I receive a damaged item?

Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is damaged so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.